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Gator Run Pricing

Events will have special pricing usually as follows unless otherwise posted:

All Persons
  • $15 per person / $15 per bike / Friday-Sunday Night / 24-hr Riding
  • $10 per person / $10 per bike / One-Day Only
  • $30 3-Day Special Event, includes ATV
  • $40 4-Day Special Event, includes ATV
  • $50 per Truck for 3-Day weekend
  • Primitive camping is always free with gate entry
  • 12x32 Cabin is $150/night - 12x24 Cabin is $100/night
  • $150 Security Deposit is required for all cabins. Refundable if cabin is undamaged and clean when you leave. RV Spots/Cabins will have to be rented for duration of the event.

Advertise At The Park
$200 per approved sign per year!

Pull-outs: The park, if available, will pull you out if you get stuck. But if you consistently make dumb choices, we may start charging you!


Annual Memberships Are No Longer Available.

Starting in 2023, An additional $5 will be added to the end of your bill for other park fees.



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